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The "Anti-Parasitic BioMedicines" research team analyzes the inhibitory effect of synthetic molecules or molecules extracted from natural products on the protozoan parasites Toxoplasma gondii, Neospora caninum and Besnoitia besnoiti.

Expertise in determining the selectivity index.

Equipment: The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for parasite culture (incubators, microbiological safety station, etc.) and inhibition / cytotoxicity tests (spectrophotometer, microscopes).

Location: Tours

Contact : francoise.debierre@univ-tours.fr 

Website : https://www6.val-de-loire.inrae.fr/infectiologie-santepublique/Fiches-personnelles/Parasitologie/Debierre-Grockiego 

The "Anti-Parasitic BioMedicines" research team measures the pediculicidal, lenticidal or repellent effect of synthetic molecules or extracted from natural products on head lice and body lice (Pediculus sp.).

Expertise in determining the state of "Knock-Down" established in the literature and quantification of movements.

Equipment: The laboratory has one of the 4 lice farms in the world and the necessary equipment to quantify the movements of the lice (binocular magnifier, EVOS microscope).

Location: Tours

Contacts : berthine.toubate@univ-tours.fr  and mathieu.epardaud@inrae.fr 

Website : https://sospoux.univ-tours.fr 

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